Monday, June 28, 2010

hello everyone

I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. Well my excuse was illness related. I did not do so well on the last chemo round and ended up in the hospital for a short stay. It is amazing what some good antibiotics and 4 pints of blood will do for the body. Good a new. Here are a few cards I had worked on a while ago. Enjoy!. lv e

I have had this Sunflower stamp for a long time. Found it at the back of my stamp closet. Sitll love it. I used my Prima pensil crayons on the flower and leaves. Using my mineral blending soloution worked great. They turned out great.


  1. Gorgeous girl! How bout you just reserve one of those for my Bday card - you know how I'm gaga over Sunflowers! Wait, I think I "picked" my card last year too didn't I? no, not me....

    Hope things are a little better, love ya,

  2. Gorgeous you! Nice to see you blogging again. Here's to a better Chemo Round!

    Love, Donna