Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Augusts

Hello everyone. Sorry have not posted in awhile. Its been a very busy couple of weeks. I have started Radiation treatment and trying to get some camping in. Just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary to my amazing husband. He surprised me with a chocolate diamond ring. Now I can never go without my chocolate! lol!! He done good!! I am just finishing up my cards samples for this coming fall classes. Yes I am going to try and get back in the saddle and teach some really neat techniques. I will post them on the 12th Aug and they will be on display at Dat's by then as well. I don't have any cards to post today but here is a peek of my Daughter all dressed up for her Prom. Cheers all lv e


  1. She looks fabulous! What a great dress. Looks nice and comfortable too.

  2. Sniffle... our little girl has grown up. I still need to check out those shoes! Tell her she looks amazing. Love the style of dress on her. It is so flowy!

  3. Great pic of your daughter E! So nice to see you posting too! Your ring is beautiful - hubby done good indeed!

    Can't wait to see your cards posted!
    Shanna :)